The Competition is now closed

Winners will be announced on 29 September and published here. Winers and runners up will be notified by email.

What have I got to do?

You have to come up with an idea for a new memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum. The memorial will be to all submariners who have given their lives in service and to their families.  

How do I it?

This is entirely up to you. You could describe it in writing, draw a picture by hand or digitally, create an animation or a model or any combination of these methods. The winning idea will be used to inspire the professional designer chosen to create the memorial so your idea must convey enough detail about shape, size, and content for them to work from.  

Once you have your idea ready submit it either by post, taking care to provide your full contact details and date of birth, to:

The Submariner Memorial Appeal, Ingleborough, Horning Road West, Hoveton, NR12 8QH

Or fill in the form below where you can also attach files.

If you want to see some other memorials and have a space draw your own then download our worksheet by clicking the picture below.

Anything else I should know?

Memorials can take the form of built memorials, works of art or natural landscape features.

There are no hard and fast rules for the design or materials but there is an expectation that all memorials will be of high quality, creativity and longevity.

The approved method of providing interpretation is to include it in the actual design of the memorial. Unless there are exceptional circumstances all engraving should be the normal combination of upper and lower case.

In order to control the amount of hard landscape benches would not be approved.

When must my entry be in?

The competition is now closed

What can I win?

There will be three age groups, under 11, 11-18 and over 18 – the winner of each will win £100, the runner up in each group will win £50.

The overall winner will be chosen from among the winner of each group and will win an additional £900 making a grand prize of £1000.

The winner of each category will be a guest at the dedication of the memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum.

The first 250 entries will each receive a Submariner Memorial Appeal Lapel Badge.

When will I find out if I have won?

Entries will be announced on 1 September and winner swill be notified by email.

So what are the rules? 

The small print is set out below but importantly please note:

  • Entries will not be returned to entrants
  • Relatives of the members of the Appeal Board may not enter.
  • The winner will be chosen by the Appeal Board who will not enter into any discussion or communication regarding their decision which will be final.
  • The professional designer will be inspired by the winning entry and not be required to reproduce it in full or in part. 

Good luck!

The Small Print

1. The Appeal Board (hereafter called the Board) shall constitute the Judges of the competition. 

2. The general principle is fairness: entries should be made fairly. If, in the opinion of the Judges this principle has been flouted, they can declare any entries invalid, void the competition, change the competition instructions, or adjust the entries to achieve fairness, as they think fit. One entry per entrant (or household, computer or other unit as appropriate) will be permitted.

3. The decision of the Judges over every instance shall be final and unchallengeable and in their absolute discretion they may declare void any entry or the competition itself should they consider that there are no entries reaching a required standard, whereupon they can award prizes or not as they think fit. 

4. Judges shall have the right, at their discretion, to change the rules of the competition while it is running if it appears to them that it would be equitable or appropriate to do so, including the extension of the closing date whereupon there will be an announcement of any such extension at the first reasonable opportunity. 

5. No correspondence will be entered into or comment issued on any matters concerning the competition, and no reasons given for any decision made by the Judges.

6. Entrants should, if under 18, obtain permission in advance from their parent or guardian and be able to demonstrate that to the Judges’ satisfaction. 

7. Members of the families of the Board may not enter the competition.

8. Any illegible, mutilated, altered, corrupted or multiple entry may be disqualified.

9. Entries are invalid if they are received any later than the specified closing time.

10. Proof of submission or of posting of a form will not constitute proof of delivery and no responsibility will be accepted for lost, corrupted, delayed or mislaid entries.

11. The Board reserves the right to publish the names of the winners and runners-up, and the winning entries themselves, and all winners are required to give their full co-operation to all requests by the Board in connection with publicity for the competition, their entry, the prize or otherwise.

12. The Board shall have the following rights over all winning entries: – the exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide licence to first publication; and a non-exclusive licence to publish, syndicate, distribute, reproduce and exploit the material in all present and future media and formats and to sub-license these rights to others. 

13. Entries, however submitted, will not be returned by the Board.

14. The Board will not be liable for any circumstances beyond its reasonable control that prevent the competition being fulfilled, a winner or winners being chosen, or any prize being taken up or fully enjoyed by a winner. 

15. The Board excludes liability to the extent permitted by law for any cost, claims or losses howsoever caused that arise by reason of any person’s entry into the competition or the award, or non-award, to them of a prize. 

16. In the event of any error, whether printing, technological or otherwise, which affects the competition in any way, the Judges reserve the right to administer the competition as though the error had not occurred.

17. If any winner of a competition is unable to take up a prize for any reason, or if the Board has not been able, after making reasonable efforts, to contact the winner, the Board reserves the right to award that prize (without notice to the first winner chosen) to an alternative winner, in which case the first winner chosen shall not be eligible for any share of the prize whatsoever. The Board shall not have any liability in such eventuality.

18. Names of major prize winners may be published on the appeal website at the Judges’ discretion.

19. Entrants may be asked to indicate their wish, by ticking or checking a box provided in the competition instructions or otherwise, to receive or decline to receive communications with information from the Board. 

20. Entrants personal data will be held by the Board to run the competition. Personal data will not be given or sold to anyone else and will be destroyed on completion of the competition unless the entrant allows it to be retained for the purpose of fundraising for the appeal and keeping them informed of the progress of the appeal.