Enhancements to the Memorial

During the final design and development stages of the memorial it has become apparent that some new opportunities to improve on the original concept will produce an even more fitting tribute to submariners and their families.  The memorial will be mounted on a long, low grass covered mound to give the impression of the submarine just below the surface. This illustration gives you an idea of how it may look.

It has also been decided to cast the entire structure in bronze, the original plan had been to use copper sheet for the sides of the fins, but bronze will give a much more resilient and tactile finish.

The impact of these improvements means costs have inevitably increased.  Since our pre-pandemic estimate, material and labour costs have climbed, meaning that we now have a higher sum to raise – a total of about £460,000.   We do feel this is achievable given our performance so far and future plans. Thankfully fundraising for the appeal continues to go well with over £350,000 now in the bank and more promised.  Our intention is still to dedicate the memorial in May 2022