Exclusive Sportswear – coming soon!

The Submariner Memorial Appeal is delighted to announce that our exclusive range of sportswear (well shirts to be precise) will be coming to an online store near you soon.

These fantastic unisex shirts are ideal for running, a work out or any other sports based activity, or indeed just for posing in. They will be available in a range of sizes and any colour so long as it is black or white. Even better news is that they will sell for only £14.99 each with all the profit going to the appeal.

Those lucky enough to be serving in Faslane or Raleigh should be able to purchase locally for everybody else the RNRMC online store will be delighted to fulfil your order, details to follow.

Make sure you sign up below for our newsletter to hear when they become available in a few weeks time (and certainly in time for Christmas!)