The Memorial

The memorial will be 4m long and 3.5m high, cast in Bronze, the quote on the left hand side is by Sir Winston Churchill:

“Of all the branches of men in the forces there is none which shows more devotion and faces grimmer perils than the submariner.”

This video gives an idea of how the memorial may look at the arboretum though the site and approach/pathways have yet to be finalised.

The designer, Paul Day, writes:

“My design, therefore , retains the conning tower as the overall form of the memorial. Mirroring the winning design, I imagine visitors walking through a somewhat confined space to suggest the constraints upon movement that dictate life onboard a submarine. I would like the visitor to feel the presence of the vessel that might lie beneath their feet, buried, out of sight. The conning tower shape has that advantage of being instantly recognisable, a beacon that could be easily spotted and identified within the plethora of monuments at the arboretum.

At the centre of this architectural structure I place a lone figure, a submariner who represents all those who have risked and sometimes lost their lives in service. This solitary standing figure, perhaps looking up to where the danger may come from or to where salvation may lie (the surface of the sea, air to breathe and sunlight) , would give the memorial a human scale and a focal point for wreath laying.

In order to honour the sacrifice of families who bear the brunt of separation and worry, I decorate one side of the conning tower with a low relief depicting spouses, children and parents waiting for their loved ones to return. They are present in the hearts and minds of those onboard. Their subtle presence in relief would signify this and the very real part they play in keeping submarines working at sea.”

Note: these are pictures of the winning design concept, not an artist’s impression of the finished sculpture.