Remembrance Capsule

We hope that the new Submariner Memorial  will become a special place for submariners and their families for years and years to come but for those of you who have helped and supported this project we thought there should be some special way to mark this.   We will be putting a Remembrance Capsule into the foundations of the memorial.  It will contain the names of submariners any of us wish to remember.  

If there are those whom you would wish to honour in this way then simply write their names on a blank sheet of paper and post it to me at:

The Submariner Memorial Appeal 


Horning Road West


NR12 8QH 

Mark your envelope in the bottom left hand corner “Remembrance Capsule” and It will not be opened.  There is no need to put your name or address anywhere and should you wish to write a few words alongside the name they will only be known to you.  

Envelopes must be delivered by the end of January 2022.